Breathing New Life

Contemporary Modern Extension Edinburgh New Town

I love working in Edinburgh, the mix of buildings is unlike anywhere else in the UK. Medieval, Georgian, 19th and 20th Century neighbourhood, each with their own unique character.

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In Keeping

4 Bramdean Grove 01

Few requests annoy me more than being asked to ensure my designs be ‘in keeping’ with their surroundings.

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Good Neighbours

34 Barnton Park Crescent HD 3

Building extensions to peoples homes can be a difficult and stressful process,

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Ancient and Modern

160628 3

It isn’t possible to avoid older buildings when working as an Architect in Edinburgh.

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We Have A Winner

Contemporary House Extenion Edinburgh

Capital A Just Won Its First Award.

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Contemporary Extension to a House in Juniper Green, Edinburgh

32 Baberton Cres 1

I am a big fan of the idea that contemporary architecture can be affordable and shouldn't be the preserve of an elite minority.

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Contemporary House Extension, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

minimilist sheltered deck contemporary extension edinburgh

I am really pleased with how this project turned out.

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Contemporary House Extensions

contemporary house extensions

I prefer to work on projects with a contemporary design

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Open Plan Living Space Today

open plan house extension edinburgh designed by architect

Modern life is changing how we use our homes, Architecture needs to catch up.

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Contemporary Luxury Bathroom, Edinburgh New Town

contemporary modern minimilist bathroom edinburgh new town listed building

I don't often get the opportunity to do interior design.

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Five Years On

cheap house extension edinburgh

A selection of the most popular blog posts by Capital A

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Modern Architecture with a Minimalist Price Tag

This is one of my favourite project, it shows that even with a modest budget, great things are possible.

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Unbuilt Architectural Projects

Every Architect has them.

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Another One Storey Wrap Around Extension in South Queensferry

A contemporary house extension in South Queensferry

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Let There Be Light

Two stories underneath Edinburgh New Town

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Architect Designed Furniture

a chair, that sounds like fun!

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Modernising an Existing House Extension

What to do if you have a tired old building?

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One Storey Wrap Around Extension, South Queensferry

A great results on a modest budget.

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