Do You Have A Small Project, Capital A Would Love To Help.

As you see from our projects, Capital A specialise in high quality alterations and extensions but not every client needs such detailed input. If your project has a construction budget of less than £30,000 and does not involve building an extension, Capital A offer a no frills service to help you get started. With years of experience in such projects, Capital A can help you get the most effective design for your budget.

All our fees are fixed price, so you can budget for your project. If you want to know more, please contact Capital A to arrange a free consultation.

Architects Fees For Small Projects

internal alteraions architects fees

A Small Project Might Involve Some of the Following

Taking down a wall between two rooms, to make a larger room.

Converting the garage into a habitable space.

Creating a new doorway in a wall.

Cutting down a window to create a new patio / French door.

Blocking up a window.

Creating a new bathroom or utility room.

Moving the kitchen to a different location.

Adding a porch to the front of your house.

Moving the stairs to a different location.

A Small Project Does Not Include the Following

Building a house extension or attic / loft conversion is not included, as these usually cost more than £30,000.

Changing the use of a building is not included, as these pose significant complexity.

If you wish to discuss any of these options, please see the main Architects Fees page for guidance.

Which Architects Services are Not Included?

Capital A do not usually carry out Pre-Construction tenders for small projects. Instead, we can recommend suitable building contractors for your project.

Capital A do not usually carry out Construction Contract Administration services for small projects. We recommend the SBCC Homeowner Contract for small projects. This is a simple contract, in plain english, which is designed to be used by homeowners with no previous construction experience. Capital A are always available to answer any technical questions during construction if required.

If you think you might need either Pre-Construction tendering or Construction Contract Administration services for your project we are happy to provide a fee quote for those services. If you do opt for these services it wont affect your fixed price fees for the other stages of the project.

Please contact Capital A for more information.

What is A Feasibility Study?

For larger, more complex projects, Capital A charge by the hour for Feasibly Studies. For small projects Capital A can commit to fixed price fee for the Feasibility Study stage on the following conditions;

You have a reasonably clear idea of the changes your require to your property.

There are no more than two possible options to achieve the desired changes to your property.

To start the Feasibility Study, Capital A will survey your property and produce drawings of the existing building. After this Capital A will produce basic floor plans, as well as cross sections and elevations if necessary, to show the intended changes to the property. Once the Feasibility Study has been finalised we can proceed to the next stage of the project.

Will I Need Planning Permission?

Planning Permission is not usually required for Small Projects but there are some exceptions;

If your property is Listed, any internal or external changes will require a Listed Building application.

If your property is not Listed but in a Conservation Area and the project involves changes to the exterior of the building this will require a Planning Application.

If your property is not Listed and not in a Conservation Area you have certain Permitted Development Rights. These allow small changes to the exterior of the property without the need for a full Planning Application. It is advisable to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness in this case, to ensure your Permitted Development rights are recognised by the council, this can be required should you sell the property in the future.

Capital A can advise you on your rights and responsibilities and make all necessary applications on your behalf.

The Small Print:
  • This fee guide is only accurate when the site is located in Edinburgh, the Lothian’s, Fife or Dundee.
  • The fees described here are dependent on using standard construction methods and materials.
  • The fees described do not include for any interior design services, these will incur an additional charge if required.
  • The fees describe do not include lodgement fees for Planning or Building Warrant applications.
  • The fees described do not include for structural engineers, who will be required for the building warrant stage.
  • If a Planning Application is refused permission, any appeal or new application is not included in the fee and will incur an additional charge.
  • Projects can take several years to complete, therefore the fees will be reviewed annually and will increase in line with the Retail Prices Index until the project is finished.
  • All Fixed Price fees are dependant on the project design remaining unchanged from the Feasibility Study and Capital A being given full control of time scales, with the final say on when to lodge all applications.
  • Planning applications next to agricultural land or land who's ownership is unknown may require an advertisement fee of £100 to be paid to the local council.
  • Please do not request a discount on our fees, as refusal may result in embarrassment.
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