Contemporary Extension to a House in Juniper Green, Edinburgh

32 Baberton Cres 1

I am a big fan of the idea that contemporary architecture can be affordable and shouldn't be the preserve of an elite minority.

Contemporary architecture has so much to offer todays suburban homeowner, especially if their house was designed before working from home and open-plan living were commonplace.

32 Baberton Cres 1

I designed this project in 2014 for a couple in Juniper Green, just beyond the Edinburgh City bypass. They had just purchased a detached house which was built in the first half of the 20th century, when life was very different. The existing kitchen was tiny in comparison to the rest of the house and located away from the dining room. The central hallway was large by modern standards, complete with dark wood panelling and original brass toggle switches (I am a fan of the switches but not the panelling) The attic had been converted into two very cramped bedrooms and the most unappealing ensuite imaginable.

32 Baberton Cres 3

The brief was simple, to create a proper master bedroom in the attic and a hub for family life on the ground floor. The layout of the attic was simple to resolve, but the design of the ground floor went through several versions until we settled on a simple one storey extension. We enlarged the existing kitchen and connected it to a new extension which held the dining table.

Plan showing the new and the old

Because the extension was on the driveway, we too the opportunity to create a new entrance for the house. The new roof was cantilevered to provide shelter, give form the new structure and to create a modern version of the large eaves on the existing house. The new kitchen runs up to a glazed corner to give an uninterrupted view south to the Peatland hills.

32 Baberton Cres 5

At the rear of the house we created a sheltered deck by spanning the roof over the existing bay window. This joined the new extension to the house visually, forms a pleasing proportion and a practical space where the client can be outdoors on days when the weather is less than perfect.

32 Baberton Cres 4

The client kept the brass toggle switch but painted the world panelling a soft grey, it works well. The overall cost of the project was just over £70k + VAT. This could be divided £50k + VAT or the extension and £20k + VAT for the internal alterations to the attic.