Construction Industry Inflation in Edinburgh

My work has been extremely busy over 2021, a combination of new clients wanting to carry out work and existing clients wanting to finish projects which were stalled by Covid lockdown.

This has been the same for every Architect, Engineer and Building Contractor I know in Edinburgh.

No-one can remember a time where enquiries have been so high, while materials have also been so hard to get hold of. Brexit, Covid, global supply chain issues and sky high demand have combined to make it very difficult to get common construction materials. This has slowed down every job I have under construction, which in turn delays new jobs from starting on site.

The impact of this is that construction costs have increased hugely over the past two years. A project that would have cost £100k to build in 2019 will now probably cost £150k.

For that reason I have increased the minimum size of project I take on to £150k.