Contemporary Design and the Planning Department

Can you get planning permission for contemporary projects in Edinburgh? Yes, You can! Contemporary Garage Conversion Edinburgh

A few months back, I was asked to design a garage conversion for a friend of a friend. It turned out the client was a partner in a local law firm who dealt with estates and property. He lived in a wealthy and relatively conservative suburb of Edinburgh, next door to a private school. The house had a free standing garage and the site was surrounded by trees, some of them quite mature and benefiting from preservation orders.

I like a challenge!

Despite my first impressions, the client turned out to have a very keen eye for contemporary design. Contemporary Garage Conversion EdinburghThe proposal we settled on involved putting a copper box on top of the garage and extending it to over-hang the front and the back. I liked it, I wasn't so sure the neighbours would however. The clients business partners were skeptical, some thought he was wasting his money but we lodged the Planning Application anyway. Six weeks later it came back; Planning Approved.