How Hard Can It Be?

I offer a full service to my clients but what does that mean?

what people think architects do

Since starting Capital A back in 2009, the majority of my clients have been regular homeowners. Most had never hired an Architect or built anything before contacting me. I make a point of trying to give my clients as much information as possible, so they can understand the process. I have written about my Architectural Services on my website but words only go so far, now its time for graphics.

This project flow chart sets out the logical step-by-step process, from that first email to the finished building and everything in between. The individual stages are colour coded. Some steps flow linearly, others are iterative and require a feedback loop before moving on.

What Architects Really Do

There is small print, the flow chart is not comprehensive. It assumes the project will run smoothly. It does not cover various scenarios such as;

o Planning permission being refused.

o Initial pricing or tender being above the construction budget.

o Costs increasing during construction.

o An amendment to building warrant being requested by the council.

These issues can all be managed if they arise. If you want to discuss this in greater details please get in touch to arrange a free consultation.