House Extension 46 Station Road, South Queensferry

October 2012.

This semi-detached house in South Queensferry was too small to accommodate the client's young family, they took the opportunity to upgrade the existing house and to build a wrap-around extension on the ground floor. The new space incorporates a home office at the front of the house, as well as a shower and utility room. The existing kitchen was cramped and not well connected to the existing living space. The new extension incorporates the kitchen into an L shaped, open plan living / dining space. The original living space is now a separate room.

Because the original house was built on a slope, the rear garden is several steps higher than the ground floor. Previously this change in level was negotiated by external steps, but the new open-plan room has two steps running the full width of the space, allowing one to walk directly out to the garden on the same level. The internal steps also neatly divide the open-plan space between living and dining.

The full height and width glazing provides a stunning backdrop to family life and the large overhang beyond the glazing provides an intermediate zone, where the family can enjoy outdoor life on those less than perfect Scottish Summer days. It also provides shade from excessive glare and gives a strong formal proportion to the rear elevation.

To get the full story behind this extension, read Another One Storey Wrap Around Extension in South Queensferry, on the Capital A Blog.

Construction Costs

The project cost £85,000 + VAT.

The extension cost about £65,000 + VAT which works out at £1,800 + VAT per square meter. The work to the existing house cost about £20,000 + VAT

These costs were relevant when the project was completed in 2012. Prices have changed since this was built, see this post for more details of current construction costs.

Contractors and Consultants

BUILDER: S. Ewing and Sons Ltd.



Architects Fees

For a similar project Capital A would charge the following fees;

Feasibly Study - £2,000

Planning Application - £1,800

Building Warrant Application - £3,000

Pre-Construction (Tender) - £1,800

Construction Stage - £3,600

Post-Construction (Snagging) - £300

See this page for more details on the stages of a project.

See this page for more details on Architects Fees.

Consultants Costs and Other Fees

Structural Engineers - £1,800 (aprox)

Energy Consultant - £100

Planning Application Fee to Local Council - £202

Building Warrant Application Fee to Local Council - £760

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